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Bill Chelf - Piano
Charles Tyler - Sax
Jeremy Steig - Flute
Jeff Meyer - Percussion


Taking Off 
AK-BA Records, #l040

Lucky Man
OK--so you're free at your work,

a gentle terror getting ahead--very lucky.
Everyone sharpens up to your face,
no one bothers your time.
The ride home beats the traffic,
you're in a controlled skid.
When the sun gleams off the river,
sunshades glide you safely home.
pure grain gin--lemon
the afternoon's free--every turn's a free turn
the phone's on machine.
you never skin a shin
hurt a hair
or bother moving things aside
but take care
if you don't cheat that luck
it will kiss you back
and you'll spend all of your
last ten years
as some other person's
sad memory.

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