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Adam Birnbaum - Piano

Mike Richmond - Bass

Vincent Chancey - Fr. horn

Neal Haiduck - Clarinet


Lucky These Days
[Cadence Jazz Records CJR 1212] 2013

Jack the HatBarry Wallenstein
Jack the Hat

One of the sorriest individuals

to ever scrape leather on Joy St.,

was a man named Jack the Hat.


"one of the hippest cats on the 

hang-out scene

many yards of silver ago"


a fellow loiterer once said; but

the truth, as always, was different:

he had long-range eyes,


looking over into the next town

or valley all the time

fancying himself a sneak-thief.



Most times, dedicated to a whim away, he was scarcely near

where ever he was.


Finally they branded him a bad actor,

shortened his performances, then

zap! the curtain came down.

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