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John Hicks - Piano
Curtis Lundy - Bass
Vincent Chancey - Fr. horn
Daniel Carter - Sax, Trumpet
Serge Pesce - Guitar


[Cadence Jazz Records CJR 1194] 2005


BalladBarry Wallenstein

What are you doing my darling son?
I’m sitting in this boat, dear mother.
And where is your boat my son, pray tell?
At sea in the distance my mother.
You’re breaking my heart dear child, fair boy
for you’re lost I fear on the deep dark sea.
Lost I am but not from you
my handsome extravagant mother,
I am away at sea but my voice reaches out,
It calls out for you my mother.
I see what you’re doing my son, she says.
I’m doing very little mother dear.
Then why has love left from the lines of your face and why is your voice now retreating?
Because I’m lost at sea, cold and frightened I am 

and I’'m gone for sure my mother

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