Lisbon Sunset

The following CD was reviewed for the Papatamus Column in Cadence Magazine, and will appear in the 2018 Annual Print Edition.  

Papatamus, 2018
Reviewed by 
Bob Rusch in Cadence Magazine

BARRY WALLENSTEIN is a poet of some renown, whose 7 previous recordings have all employed jazz, some of which I’ve been involved in producing. His latest is LISBON SUNSET [Sintoma Records no number.] This was recorded 10/28/16 and is backed by Massimo Cavalli [b], Ricardo Pinheiro [gtr], Luis Barrigas [p/org], Jorge Moniz [drm]. These are accomplished musicians and play it light and leave plenty of space around Wallenstein’s readings of the 12 poems [29:44]. I enjoy his writing very much although I don’t claim to understand it all, but at least it is not full of Greek & Roman god references. His poems convey short stories full of characters and pretend places. But what I most enjoy about Wallenstein is his voice, it has a comforting tonality. He has, like Jean Shepherd or Walter Cronkite a voice that is instantly recognizable. With that voice some words have an expanded meaning and here it is willies, do the doo and pooped to name a few words. I suspect he would do a fine job reciting “ The Owl And The Pussy Cat”. His is a masterful voice; try it, you’ll like it. This set is too short.